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In an ever changing climate, we have remained true to the same principles on which our company was founded over thirty years ago: providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our staff, delivering exceptional work, fostering technology innovation, acting with integrity, and strengthening our communities. 

These tenets unite us as one company and guide every aspect of our business operation.

Are you looking for professional event security services for your event in California? Look no further than Executive Event Services (EES). With years of experience and a team of highly-trained guards, we provide top-notch security solutions for events of all sizes and types across the state.


Security Event Guard Services


At EES, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and security of your guests and property. Every event security guard is licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest security tools and techniques to detect and prevent potential threats. From access control to crowd management, our guards are experts in handling all kinds of security challenges that may arise during your event.


Our event guards are trained to handle any situation that may arise, from minor incidents to major emergencies. They are equipped to handle any type of event, whether it’s a small private party or a large public event. Our guards are skilled in communication, crowd management, first aid, and crisis management to ensure the safety of the attendees.


For event security services, trust an event guard from EES for a reliable and hassle-free experience. With our professional event guards and customized security solutions, we ensure the safety and security of your event and its attendees. Contact us today to learn more about our event security services and how we can help protect your next event in CA.

EES History

Executive Event Services is proud to have been in business since 1988. This has allowed the company to gain extensive experience in managing the security, event staffing, and parking management at multiple large-scale special events and major venues throughout the country. Over the past 30+ years, EES has gained an unparalleled reputation for providing the best personalized service in the industry. This success has been achieved by providing superior supervision, requiring the proper credentials for all our personnel, and continually offering training courses for continued learning.

Our management team has a strong background in law enforcement, business management, specialized event security consulting and designing customized access control plans. Our philosophy of striving for continual excellence has given us the opportunity to build strong relationships with operators of major venues including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, colleges, universities, and many different convention centers.

We have also played an integral role in the planning and development for the security, access control programs, and traffic management for many different special events including music festivals, professional golf, tennis, surfing, cycling, marathons, action sports, trade shows and conventions. Each one of our clients will substantiate the fundamental qualities of honesty and moral integrity that are constant and essential to the operating philosophy of Executive Event Services.


Executive Event Services has established itself as a trusted resource in the security and event management industry, providing excellent quality and customer service with unparalleled results. The key to Executive Event Services' success is the personal involvement of its principals and upper management in every account. We have dedicated ourselves to each of our accounts to guarantee your satisfaction by being personally involved and managing our staff to the exact needs of your venue or special event.

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Our mission is to utilize the combined industry experience of over 60+ years to create a customized security and access control plan that thoughtfully integrates the parking management and transportation plans to ultimately offer the best experience for your staff, sponsors, vendors, VIP’s, volunteers, and patrons in attendance.

We currently manage events ranging from 25 to 600,000 attendees. Our supervisors are the best in the work force and have been extensively trained to reinforce our commitment to excellence. We understand that in order for our staff to be successful, they have to be trained to the highest standards.That’s why we continue to update our training methods and encourage our staff to be certified in all aspects of the security fields.

We work hard to become an extension of your staff and work together seamlessly to make every event a major success. We deal with the client directly and reassure them that they will always be dealing with the principals of EES with whatever their needs may be. EES stands by our performance and guarantee the highest quality of service by overseeing every event to ensure that we deliver that personal service that all of our clients deserveand have come to love throughout the years.

Management Team

The EES management team is proud to be comprised of leaders in their communities who have a wide range of backgrounds spanning from security, event management, business development, sales, and customer service. The management team is proud to be able to offer a personal dedication to each of our clients through being directly involved with all of the day to day operations of each event or property. The goal has always been to lead by example by providing superior customer service and attention to detail.

Nick Mahan


Nick Mahan, Founder, has worked in the security field for over 37 years. This experience includes being a peace officer to managing and consulting for major events and venues to becoming the owner of Executive Event Services. From this experience comes the ability to design a venues’ security and safety plan while also being able to acknowledge and make the appropriate adjustments during the event. This experience is a very valuable resource for training and leading the direction of Executive Event Services’ team. Nick has high expectations for himself and everyone that works for him. Nick has lead Executive Event Services to become a quality based organization with great integrity, values, and morals.


Jake Mahan


Jake Mahan, President, has been working in the security field for over 20 years. Working every position from the ground up, he has gained valuable experience that propelled him to his management position. Jake has helped install the training and philosophy of Executive Event Services into each and every one of its employees. He understands the importance of superior supervision and management, and how it contributes to the safety and success of each and every event. It’s because of this drive for excellence that Executive Event Services has become, and remains, one of the leaders in it’s industry and the guiding force for the proper way to run an event management company in not just California, but arcoss the country.

Bobby Slater

Vice President of Sales

Bobby Slater, Vice President of Sales, has gained invaluable experience by working his way up with Executive Event Services. He started in 2002 by working as an event staffing agent at many of the beach and tennis events. Over the last 18 years he has worked his way up in the company by becoming an event supervisor, and helping with the training of new employees. He has now become an integral piece of the management team handling new business development and managing the sales of many events. Bobby graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In 2012, Bobby added to his event management experience working as an operations consultant for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and also for the NBA China Games in Beijing and Shanghai.

Michael Simmons

General Manager

Michael Simmons, General Manager, joined the EES team in 2016 and has shown great leadership qualities and integrity with how he conducts himself. Michael not only manages the day to day event operations in every facet, but set the tone for whats expected from an Executive Event Services employee. Be it a staff member performing traffic control, a customer service agent ushering patrons, an armed guard privileged with VIP protection, a hospitality coordinator in suit and tie or a long time EES event lead at a world class venue, Michael Simmons’ influence can be see company wide, keeping us in a position to lead the industry in quality.

Nicky James

Director of Logistics

Nicky James, Director of Logistics, has been an intricate part of the EES team since 1999. Nicky has worked in every area of the company ranging from event supervising, operations planning, IT, client services, and has now become the Director of Logistics. As a graduate of the Public Policy & Homeland Security program at USC, Nicky has spent the last 10 years building a great team around him that continues to find new and innovative ways to recruit and train the highest quality staff. He has done a fantastic job with integrating new technology to make the communication process with our employees more clear and seamless. As a company, EES has seen great improvements with the quality of staff and the communication that is relayed to them for each event.


Ed Dino

Patrol Manager

Ed Dino, Patrol Manager, has a long history with special event coordination and recruiting management in the security field. He also has assisted in making great strides in our hiring and scheduling departments. He, in collaboration with the rest of the department, has developed and coordinated recruitment and hiring plans to ensure that positions are filled with the most qualified candidates, professionally trained, ready to meet the clients needs for any venue. Ed’s experience and expertise in special event coordination has helped him greatly in becoming an extremely successful asset, and is a proud addition to the EES nation.


EES was awarded the Professionals of the Year award in 2013 for excellence in event management from the NCS4. The award is selected by each professional league and the NCAA and presented annually by a league official at the National Sports Safety and Security Conference & Exhibition.We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service and our undaunting commitment to being the best in the industry.


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